What is a request?


When a buyer needs any service, he/she can post a request for seller quoting the price the buyer is willing to pay.


These requests can be tracked under "My Requests" under Buyer menu.


Any seller who meets the requirements of Buyer request can make an offer, to do so the seller should have atleast One Job posted.


Offers can be tracked from "Manage Sales" under Seller menu.


What is a Job?


When a seller has a service he/she can post a job describing what the seller can do along with the price, estimated delivery and additional information.


These jobs can be tracked under "My Jobs" under Seller menu.


Once a buyer in interested in a posted job, the buyer can order the job.


Ordered jobs can be tracked from "My Shopping" under Buyer menu.


When can I withdraw my WAGE balance?


You need a minimum of 50 WAGE before you can withdraw your available balance.


More FAQs will be updated as we get more question, stay tuned!